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If you’re new to the finance industry, they will require some research – hopefully you’ll find it interesting!

Value is the phenomenon that assets, such as stocks and bonds, that have a lower price than based on a model, tend to outperform in the future. I.e., if an asset trades at 100, while the model thinks it should be 105, there is a 5% outperformance potential. The actual outperformance of the asset is usually different, and on average the realized outperformance is lower than the modelled price difference (i.e., the 5% here). Could you think of some reasons why the realized outperformance tends to be lower than the modelled outperformance, and how an investor can employ a Value strategy while minimizing the risk of underperforming?


Topics you might want to include in your discussion: the modelling assumptions used, the impact of the length of the horizon over which to measure outperformance and/or diversifying the risk.