We are looking for entrepreneurial individuals who enjoy critical thinking and working collaboratively to create meaningful solutions for clients

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Our objective is to create a knowledge organisation where the intellectual value from research, engineering and business processes accrue to the collective benefit of clients, the firm and all stakeholders.

Our decisions are grounded by data-driven evidence and fact. We are looking for people who develop and demonstrate trust with colleagues through integrity, competence, reliability and thoughtful communications.

We have the opportunity to build a world-class operating environment and set of investment tools. Our focus is therefore on creating something strategically modern rather than making tactical improvements to a legacy operation.

BlueCove operates in an increasingly complex regulatory environment. We understand this operating environment and the importance of compliance, trust and integrity.

We believe teams of cognitively diverse individuals with similar values create better outcomes for clients than individual efforts.

To help our people achieve the above objectives, we focus on providing continuous learning opportunities and encourage personal development as a key part of our talent strategy.